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Web Application Development Services

Providing you with the rich web experience you deserve is the reliable partner you’ve been looking for.

To meet the needs of your company or new venture, our Agile experts can develop custom applications, platforms, and products.

People no longer work Monday through Friday from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM. They anticipate being able to work and access company information whenever they need it from any location; a web application offers businesses a flexible, affordable way to satisfy this need. A web application can deliver anything from a simplified version of an internal system to increasing the productivity of remote or traveling employees to an interactive tool to help build brand loyalty with customers. Other instances of web applications include:

  • An internal web application to help manage projects & finances;
  • A web application that you can re-sell to a customer – Software-as-a-Service;
  • An application to revolutionize customer service by providing a portal for your customers to access.

We learn every aspect of your company, including what a new app must deliver and to whom. If you’d like, we’ll also make a few of our own suggestions. We love coming up with original ideas that make technology work even harder.

Our main priority has always been to provide our partners with beneficial and excellent solutions that enable them to accomplish their business objectives and support initiatives. Having developed custom web applications for over 20 years, we take on the most difficult projects when creating intricate websites, business portals, and enterprise automation tools.

Nile Bits will ensure that your operations run smoothly whether you require improved or new business functionality for customer interactions, procurement, supply chain management, or other business verticals.

Responsive Web Applications

We build responsive web applications for every project. This indicates that they look fantastic and function flawlessly on any screen, be it a desktop, table, or smartphone. In order to ensure that the user always has the best experience possible regardless of the device they’re using, we do this by adapting menus, controls, and other visuals to fit the device based on the current screen width and height.


Web Applications We Build

Custom Web Apps

Custom web development ensures the delivery of exclusive functionality to help you streamline workflows and expand by addressing the particular needs and requirements of your business.


Our custom website development services can assist you with any of your goals, whether they are to improve customer experience, increase online visibility, or establish brand credibility.

Web Portals

Platforms for partners, clients, or employees help manage various business processes or data sharing in a secure and effective way with support for multiple user roles.

Cloud-Based Web Apps

Build highly scalable web applications that run on the cloud and offer improved capabilities by utilizing the cloud computing environment.

Enterprise Systems

Web development offers businesses a variety of software to support processes unique to their industries, such as managing insurance claims or managing inventory.


Building software that works on multiple devices even with a slow internet connection is now possible thanks to progressive web app development, which is a fantastic alternative to native apps.

eCommerce Platforms

Utilize our eCommerce web development services to deliver B2B and B2C platforms with a variety of payment options, live chats, and product navigation to boost your sales.

ERP Systems

With a customized ERP solution that integrates seamlessly with other enterprise apps, you can monitor business resources, such as cash, raw materials, or production capacity, as well as workflow statuses.

CRM Software

A CRM platform is the ideal tool to streamline communication and improve the customer experience if you want to increase your sales, marketing, and service operations.

CMS Solutions

Website development frequently includes CMS software as a powerful tool to maximize website content, lower maintenance expenses, and speed up platform performance.


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