Why Egypt

Why Egypt

Whenever outsourcing is brought up, the most obvious destinations are India and China, besides Eastern Europe, where wage levels have already been adjusted to Western European standards. However, Egypt has recently come more and more into international focus, which is proven by the fact that, not only European and American global players such as Cisco, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Vodafone or Siemens, but also Indian companies are now using the cost advantages as well as the high availability of IT-Specialists in the Egyptian economic area.

Studies of the renowned Yankee Group and the consulting company A.T. Kearney show that Egypt has been identified as the future hot spot in the information and communication technology sector, as well as in the business process of outsourcing.

An important reason for this development is the approximately 250,000 IT- and language graduates, who aim at a job in an international company after completing their studies, and work hard for such prestigious positions in the Egyptian meritocracy (no distinctive social system).

Time zone advantages Outsourcing to Egypt has a time zone advantage. The time zone in Egypt is GMT+2. With this advantage, unlike other countries our day is not your night. Thus, communication is at the real time you don’t have to send an email and wait for a reply the next day.

Language Teaching English in Egypt starts with primary education. All of Egyptian resources can read/write & speak good English & many of them are fluent English speakers as well.

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