We’re Hiring – Senior Data Engineer

Data Engineer

We’re Hiring – Senior Data Engineer

Data Engineer Job Description:

As a senior data engineer the main product you’ll be working on is our data pipeline, which has been built using the best-of-breed ETL/data warehousing tools and technologies. We predominantly use Python, with Airflow being our orchestration framework of choice. We use Snowflake as our cloud data warehouse, together with Tableau for BI and data visualization. All of our infrastructure runs on AWS.

Data Engineer Responsibilities:

  • Designing and implementing core functionality within our data pipeline in order to support key business processes
  • Shaping the technical direction of the data engineering team
  • Supporting our Data Warehousing approach and strategy
  • Maintaining our data infrastructure so that our jobs run reliably and at scale
  • Taking responsibility for all parts of the data ecosystem, including data governance, monitoring and alerting, data validation, and documentation
  • Mentoring and upskilling other members of the team

Data Engineer Qualifications:

  • Experience building data pipelines and/or ETL processes
  • Experience working in a Data Engineering role
  • Confident writing performant and readable code in Python, building upon the rich Python ecosystem wherever it makes sense to do so.
  • Good software engineering knowledge & skills: OO programming, design patterns, SOLID design principles and clean code
  • Confident writing SQL and good understanding of database design.
  • Experience working with web APIs.
  • Experience leading projects from a technical perspective
  • Knowledge of Docker, shell scripting, working with Linux
  • Experience with a cloud data warehouse
  • Experience in managing deployments and implementing observability and fault tolerance in cloud based infrastructure (i.e. CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, container-based infrastructure, auto-scaling, monitoring and alerting)
  • Pro-active with a self-starter mindset; able to identify elegant solutions to difficult problems and able to suggest new and creative approaches.
  • Analytical, problem-solving and an effective communicator; leveraging technology and subject matter expertise in the business to accelerate our roadmap.
  • Able to lead technical discussions, shape the direction of the team, identify opportunities for innovation and improvement
  • Able to lead and deliver projects, ensuring stakeholders are kept up-to-date through regular communication
  • Willing to support the rest of the team when necessary, sharing knowledge and best practices, documenting design decisions, etc.
  • Willing to step outside your comfort zone to broaden your skills and learn new technologies.
  • Experience working with open source orchestration frameworks like Airflow or data analytics tools such as dbt
  • Experience with AWS services or those of another cloud provider
  • Experience with Snowflake
  • Good understanding of Agile

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