7 Myths About Outsourcing to Egypt

7 Myths About Outsourcing to Egypt

Despite its proximity to the EU and USA, exceptional talent, and efforts to improve English, Egypt to be overlooked by companies outsourcing to India or China. These are the seven most common myths about outsourcing to Egypt, as well as the reasons why they are incorrect.

Debunking Myths About Outsourcing to Egypt

Myth 1 – Outsourcing is sending U.S. jobs abroad.

Reality is that America’s technology companies have no trouble finding highly skilled software developers in the United States. This is not to say that there are no opportunities for outsourced IT jobs in the United States; some companies are currently collaborating with Egyptian firms to develop software and other products for the North American market.

Myth 2 – Egyptian developers are not as technically advanced as Indian or Chinese developers.

Reality: While some Egyptian developers have less experience than their Indian counterparts, many of the best work just as efficiently. And, because English is the main language in the IT business, any language barrier is eliminated.

Myth 3 – Egyptian developers are cheaper and don’t produce the same quality of work as Indian or Chinese workers.

Reality is that, while developers in Egypt earn lower wages, they can be just as successful as their counterparts in India. The industry is no longer as divided as it once was, and Indian, Chinese, and Egyptian developers now have equal access to industry tools, software, and business intelligence.

Myth 4 – Egypt is too far away to work with.

Reality – While it is not as close to the United States as India or China, the geographic proximity to the United States, combined with the use of English and a faster Internet connection, makes it just as viable a location for software development as the Far East.

Myth 5 – Egypt does not have the workforce to fill the demand for high-tech jobs.

Reality – While the current Egyptian labor force may be scarce, there is a high demand for educated workers. Furthermore, the high cost of living in large American cities causes a migration of highly skilled workers to Egypt.

Myth 6 – Cultural differences will pose a barrier.

While there are cultural differences, Egyptian companies have more experience working with US companies than their Indian or Chinese counterparts.

Myth 7 – There is not enough tech knowledge in Egypt.

Reality: The Egyptian industry is young and developing. Because of the lower wages, the location is ideal for tech firms trying to decrease expenses while retaining excellent output.


The Egyptian market is expanding, and it is only a matter of time before the United States and other countries capitalize on it. Even if a company does not conduct its entire operation from Egypt, it might be an efficient approach to handle overflow work or provide outsourced IT projects.

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