Managed Testing Services

Managed Testing Services

Managed Testing Services (MTS), operator test models or test solutions provider among the Managed Services (operator models) and designate a comparatively new form of outsourcing of software testing to any external service providers. However, these are not simply commissioned from case to case, but for strategic, long-term partners by the seller, the company responsible for specific test tasks in a period of about three to five years, transfers by contract.

Characterized among other things, a more flexible, more transparent and more predictable billing of costs expensed less and more results-oriented is done possible. By the business and distribution model MTS, a usually much higher level of automation can be achieved when testing as this is possible within the company.

The potential savings to be achieved in this case is greater, the more it is repeated, standardized testing effort, as may be caused by regular updates in the operation of large SAP systems. In addition, many companies alone the testing effort rise already by the increasing use of standard software with ever shorter release cycles.

If this maintain our own test center, the local resources are usually only utilized in phases, whereas MTS can hope for a more efficient use of resources. MTS are explicitly not to be equated with the (usually primarily technical) Outsourcing of software testing, but rather represent an alternative that significantly stronger and long-term service provider takes the responsibility.

Thus, although the Provider's services are usually defined in Service Level Agreements also at MTS; control of the IT strategy, the overall system architecture and governance, however, remain largely the customer, ie the contracting companies. There MTS is the responsibility areas of IT management, quality management and product development.